Thursday, December 31, 2009


•Health will be alright, but do not push your self this time too hard for anything
•Your approach will be quiet practical, take care while getting into any long time commitment
•Control your extravagant tendencies and unnecessary expense; be very careful while making any investments
•This year is bringing major change for Arians. Expansion in work & social circle is on the cards. First half’s work will reap results in the second half, so keep yourself vigilant to grab any opportunity
•Abroad related affairs will really prove beneficial, people who are planning to settle abroad will able to materialize their plans

•This year will keep you very busy, many new projects $ ideas would crop up. Those who are at job will definitely get increment.
•This year will provide opportunity $ platform to prove yourself, this year could be proven as “ Golden Year” provided, Taurians leave their lethargic attitude and just work in time
•Those who are in search of their mates can find one in the second half of 2010
•Long term investments will get good benefit, don’t make any hasty decision in stocks, avoid being overconfident while lending your money to anyone in blind faith

•Geminis can expect the major change this year, ketu transit in their sign can bring difference.
•As far as finances are concerned, there will be growth & clarity on career aspects which was lacking in 2009. you’ll able to get back the investments which were stuck
•Second half will be busy, giving you many trips, there will be fruitful travelling
•Take resolution of accomplishing tasks which you take up without distracting your energies, your success rate will be decided upon your integrity & dedication.

•Financial aspect will be beyond imagination, this year will reap you results more then expectations so cheers
•Take care of health between April to June, don’t neglect your health in work load, justify your priorities
•Business investments will be beneficial, but take care about stock investments
•Your loved ones will be demanding, gift them blissful moments with you being righteous, your gesture will touch their hearts
•Big gain from far place is on the cards, don’t miss it

•Leos can expect good position at career front & leap in finances, speedy progress is your way
•Don’t be too sentimental, which is anyways not much in your nature, your practical approach will get you great success.
•New ventures will get fascinating results, apply your finest brains.. with patience
•2010 is getting you many opportunities & expansion in almost major arenas
•Long term commitments should be given heedful thought

•This is the time where planning will take shape & you’ll be blessed with clarity of your next step
•This year may show you unrealistic dreams, be positive but practical, focusing on potentials & self analysis will help.
•Your finances need to be handled with absolute vigilance & care, don’t let your mind get influenced by any kind of temptation
•Don’t indulge yourself till that extend that your health get ignored.
•Benefit from lady luck is on the cards.

•Year 2010 will swipe away your tensions & worries you will be showered with peace
•Definition of “dream come true” will be realized in this time, very good to begin with your ideas
•So many ideas &opportunities can distract you, but working upon your planned strategies for any kind of business expansion will click. Concentrate on quick implementation as time is at your side.
•Those who are in search of their mates will find one in second half

•Cross your fingers as you shall come across an unexpected positive change on career fronts
•Investment in any kind of property will bear good profits in coming time
•Initial time may seem little unstable but nothing to worry as time will turn in your favor eventually
•Blissful time with beloved is assured, but don’t let other priorities suffer
• your patience will witness stability & success in second half of this year

•In this time you’ll adopt a serious approach at your career fronts, which will definitely start compensating your past waste. This is the time to get back to routine and move with the highest speed.
•Major decisions of life could be taken which were awaited since long
•Don’t be heedless or hasty while making major investments
•Assured growth in your name & respect on society, new faces will come in touch to form a long lasting relations
•Those who are stuck in any kind of court cases, will be relieved this year

•You practical approach will amaze your closed ones, you’ll able to focus on your target and achieve the same
•This is the time to plan your financial arena. Your mind will get occupied in identifying the new sources of revenue, share your ideas with experienced people to get clarity & confidence
•Love relations might face minor misunderstandings; try to avoid miscommunication with the closed ones. Let going & transparency will solve almost all the problems.
•Traveling for business could be possible this year

•This year will prove beyond imagination, you shall adopt yourself in handling many works at a time. You can look forward to new venture or an opportunity which can create difference at your career fronts
•Property investment & long term stock investments will get great returns
•Busy schedule will create hindrance in blissful time; make your closed ones understand your situation with your clear expression.
•Any adventurous act will prove like a lottery

•This year will get many excitements, mixed results & new visions
•In this time you will able to clear the past waste & begin with fresh & practical start, provided you control being sentimental
•Define your priorities & concentrate on your goal, you will get desired result in expected time, this is the time to show your integrity & passion
•Those who are associated with any kind of abroad affairs will able to get incredible gains, also new expansion can prove helpful

•CELL: 98196 53700

Astrologer TINA BAAROT’s profile

Tina Baarot, a young (aged 23) Professional Astrologer, learnt Astrology from Bhartiya Vidhya Bhavan, Mumbai.
She’s a practicing astrologer in Mumbai, several places in India and abroad & founder proprietor of “Cosmic Research Academy”, an institute where consultation and training are being conducted in various disciplines.

She writes for several newspapers on Monthly forecasts, Weekly forecasts and various articles on astrology related subjects.

Her specialized disciplines are as follows:-
 Horoscope
 Tarot card reading
 Face reading
 Aura reading
 Palmistry
 Gemology
 Teletherapy
 Numerology
 Graphology
 Crystal therapy
 Crystal ball gazing
 Color therapy
 Mudra & mantra therapy
 Vastu with interior designing
 Muhurt consultancy
 Remedial meditation

Her clientele are from all different walks of life such as top corporates, politicians, cricketers, fashion designers, models, actors, artists, lawyers, doctors, share brokers, students and so on…!
She applies scientific methods in astrology which is proved to be very accurate. Her predictions are based on K.P. which can give minutest prediction, and also combination of various disciplines which confirm the accuracy of predictions.

She is an experienced trainer since four years:
 Presently she is trainer in Indo-American Society for Tarot card reading which is based on her own research by combining various other principles of occult science, getting incredible results in her Advanced Tarot Reading sessions.
 She gave regular sessions for Face & Aura reading in Prempuri Ashram.
 Her regular sessions are on for all the mentioned disciplines in her Cosmic Research Academy.
She is imparting her knowledge at various leading clubs, seminars & NGOs like
 Lions Club International
 M.L.J.C
 Rotary Club
 Giants Club
 Shree Punit Krishna Satsang Mandal
 Archana Trust and so on..!

She is felicitated and awarded by many recognized clubs & NGOs like
 “The Complete Astrologer” title from Lions Club International in May 2006
 “Star Jyotish Ratna” from Star Report in April 2007
 “Jivan Gaurav Award” from Maharashtra Mukt Patrakar Sangh in April 2008
 “ACE Astrologer” title from SVB’s Oxford high school in January 2009

Her other remarkable experiences are
 She was the first Astrologer to be on air on 92.7 BIG FM when launched.
 She had given accurate predictions on stock markets on E TV, before stock market collapsed in Jan’08.
 She was columnist in more then 3 Gujarati newspapers. At present, she is writing in English fortnightly “City Reporter”.
 She has traveled in many places in India for Vastu & Astro-consultation & also abroad for the same.
 She predicted Mr. OBAMA’S President Ship one month before he got elected.

She strongly believes that
“Life can change anytime…
One should give a chance to it with positive attitude”
Her objective is
“Reach out to maximum people to create a ‘difference’ in their lives by sharing knowledge for their benefit”

Her office address & contact details are:
Cosmic Research Academy
222, Ashoka Shopping Centre,
2nd floor, L.T. Road, near G.T. Hospital,
Mumbai 400001.

Cell: 98196 53700
E Mail:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cosmic Research Academy

222, Ashoka Shopping Centre,
2nd floor, L.T. Road, near G.T. Hospital,
Mumbai 400001.
Cell: 98196 53700E

Astrology: The Psychological Dimension of Astronomy

(This article dwells on the connection between various astronomical discoveries related with planets and other cosmic bodies, with their Psychological impact on human beings, as described in Astrology. It is an effort to deepen the logical and scientific foundation of Astrological knowledge.)
There have been immense debates about the inter relationship of Astrology and Astronomy for a long time. There are astronomers who brush aside Astrology as a superstition and can not understand how the far off objects in the sky can impact the human being. On the other side there are astrologers whose knowledge have been reduced to the horoscope placements of planets and these vast cosmic objects have just got reduced to figures on a paper. They seem to have lost their understanding that these are real objects in the skies which impact us because of their very nature. As a consequence their astrological knowledge is still backdated and remains restricted to the classical texts and they are not able to benefit from the recent astronomical discoveries. The connection between astronomy and astrology is very crucial to understand for every astrologer, as this provides with highly scientific basis for Astrology. Every new revelation of astronomical facts by way of scientific methods can add to the reservoir of astrological knowledge, if one is aware of this connection.
This article will explore the various astronomical facts related with various cosmic entities such as planets, Nakshatras and Zodiac signs and their various dimensions as experienced by human beings on the planet earth. The purpose of this article is to make you familiar with the fact that the astronomical qualities of any cosmic body have a direct bearing on the thought patterns experienced by the humans on earth. The magnetic field of such entities also interacts with the magnetic field of earth and hence impacts the events taking place on the planet earth.
Now let us now consider the character of some of the planets. These examples are just to demonstrate the connection between astronomy and astrology and hence are not supposed to be exhaustive details.

- Sun personality is associated with ideas and intelligence, which leads to immense energy for creation. Why? Because constant nuclear fusion of Hydrogen into Helium is going on at the core of the Sun, which releases immense energy. Life on earth depends on this energy. That is why Sun depicts the personality and the energy, with which we live our lives. Why Sun oriented person is a poor listener? Because the sound travels poorly through sun, as the mass density is quite low. Why Sun based person is so much stressed? Because there is a constant burst of gaseous pressure created by the explosions.

- Moon based people always appear to be controlled by the past memories, both good and bad. He never forgives for your bad deeds as well as never forgets the good you do to him. Why? Because Moon is full of craters, which are created by the striking asteroids and they get filled very slowly because of the inert atmosphere and absence of water. Why a Moon person always likes to depend on someone or follow someone? Because Moon has no light of it’s own and it has to depend on Sun for that.
- Why Mercury based person never takes a firm stand and he can be swayed so easily? Because all it’s magnetic field has been burnt because of it’s proximity with Sun. Why he like to follow and appears to have no followers? Because it has no satellite Moons. Why he never appears to be in tension? Because there is no atmospheric pressure on Mercury.

- Mars have always been associated with the courage and bravery. Why? Because the surface of Mars contains 13% Iron. Hence clearly the impact of Mars is to ignite the Iron like qualities in us. Why he forgets quickly, both the good and bad done to him? Because the craters gets filled quickly because of it’s deserts like surface. Why he give vent to the anger boiling inside him so frequently? Because there are mega volcanoes on Mars, which keep erupting regularly.

- Why Venus person look glamorous and attract the powerful? Because Venus is the brightest of all the planets, as the clouds around it’s surface traps the solar energy. Why Venus person is always in tension and hence keep scheming? Because Venus has a very dense atmosphere, which is full of poisonous gases. Hence she may appear very bright from outside, but the inner reality is starkingly different. (Isn’t this the story of those involved with the glamorous professions, which are controlled by Venus?)

- Why Jupiter based person appears to be expanding his horizons without much struggle? Because raging storms are always on, which move in beautiful colourful patterns effortlessly. Why he often attracts the people around him? Because it has huge number of satellites (27 have been discovered till now) moving around it, as well as a huge magnetic field which is supposed to be double than that of Sun.

- Why Saturn based person appears dull and restricted? Because it has a dull atmosphere of frozen gases and restrictive rings surrounding it. Why he is not transparent? Because planet Saturn has difficult to see through cloud patterns. Why Saturn people are very good to give concrete shape to ideas? Because Saturn consists of gases (Ideas) , which have gotten solidified (concretization) because of cold (hard working )atmosphere.

- Why Uranus oriented people display eccentric and radical behavior, which is not in tune with general society? Because magnetic field of Uranus is slanted at an angle of 60 degrees from its axis, while for all other planets it is parallel.

- Why Neptune based people are so dreamy and have feel oneness with the whole humanity? Why they have a special interest in anything related with ocean? Because Neptune have got the deepest and largest oceans known on any planet.

-Why Pluto oriented people are so mysterious and secretive? Because Pluto is very small in mass (the manifest), but it has a huge magnetic field (unmanifest)
Similarly, if you study the astronomical characteristics of zodiac signs and Nakshatras, you will discover stark similarity between their astronomical characteristics and their astrological descriptions. For Example, Mula Nakshatra includes the black hole, which is the center of our galaxy. From this black hole even light can not escape and it is understood that whatever goes into it, gets transformed and reaches the root of life. Similar is the character of the “Mula person”. He always looks at the roots of life and have a tendency to suck and destroy the material world in his search for the eternal. Let us look at the astronomical character of the zodiac sign of Leo, which mostly consists of Nebulas, which are the stars in formation. Similarly, Leo person possess immense energy and intelligence towards any new creation.

Hence understanding the co-relation between Astronomy and Astrology deepens our astrological knowledge by studying new discoveries. At the same time it also provides the much needed scientific basis to the subject of Astrology. It will also serve a great purpose as the human race is able to feel it’s unity with universe and start to move in harmony with the cosmic plans.
-Energy Matrix Astrology